Last Oblivion is an artist duo consisting of Tina Damgaard (SE) and Elena Biner (CH) based in Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

They work with the format of site-specific, immersive, performance installation. Their work is a cross-disciplinary landscape of both analogue and digital techniques, using video, performance, text, sound and sculptural elements. They draw inspiration from mythology and science fiction to create uncanny universes of distorted yet familiar worlds in which they explore the connections between transformation and liminal spaces, and how these transitions affect our relation to each other and our surroundings. This way of creating universes allows them to speculate on unknown outcomes and start dialogs about new possible narratives. Themes of the journey and the cyclical movements are recurrent in their work and highlight the feeling of transformation in the rooms they develop.

Through collaborative processes with a diverse range of artists from different disciplines, they co-create tightly interwoven poetic universes. Their installations take place in different kinds of spaces: blackbox, culture house, clubhouse, art institution and this variety is something that they see  as a possibility to reach out to different groups of participants and visitors. Each piece is a hybrid, shaped between them, the other artists, the audience and the spaces.