Last Oblivion is an artist duo consisting of Tina Damgaard (SE) and Elena Biner (CH) based in Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

In our work we intertwine video, performance, text, sound and sculptural elements to build site-specific immersive performance installations. We draw inspiration from the narrative formats of mythology, science fiction and conspiracy theory to create speculative narratives of the immediate future. Through these fictional spaces we explore liminal space, the in-between and how these spaces of transition affect our relation to each other and our surroundings. The notions of desire and social structures are central aspects of our work and more specifically the matter of the sick and dysfunctional body defined by a polarized world. Since 2019 we have created 5 large scale performance installations, the latest Aural Storm in Prague 2022 and Amniotic Antidote in Vienna 2021.

In our project we initiate collaborative processes with a diverse range of artists from different disciplines. Our installations take place in different kinds of spaces: gallery, blackbox, culture house, clubhouse and this variety is something we they seeas a possibility to reach out to different groups of participants and visitors. Each piece is a hybrid, shaped between us, the other artists, the audience and the space.