THE SPIRAL ︎︎︎ Basement, April 2019

The Spiral is a multimedia spatial installation where one is confronted with experiences that reproduce the transition from one state to another: Rites of passages. The installation is built up as a crossing with three long corridors and three rooms representing the archetypes: Present, Future and Past. In each of the rooms the audience encounters two video projections depicting allegories and metaphors of each archetype. Each room has a trace of the others in them, creating a feeling of deja-vu.

The Spiral was created as a platform where other artists could inhabit the universe with their own expression and by doing so, contributing to the collective narrative of the installation. Over the course of four evenings, 25 artists came into The Spiral and created a different experience each evening.

Spatial installation and concept: Last Oblivion (DK)
Soundscape: Loopsel (SE)
Performers: Ester Schou (DK), Astrid Rehfeldt (DK), Inga Andersen Hararløv (DK), Nora Ray Abraham (DK)

Artists: Offermose (DK), Loopsel (SE), Ingvild Bertelsen (NO),Jordslået (DK), Grifla Da La Secta (DK/CH), Skin Liv (DK), Clinical Trails (DK), Tanja Vesterbye Jensen (DK), Gel (DK), Martin Hasfeldt (DK), Oskar Dinesen + Martin Emil Daa Funder (DK), Alvilde Reiter Jakobsen (DK), Patrick Rathbun (DK), Tettix Hexer + Mikkel Fink (DK), Malthe Mcbeck (DK), Francesca Burattelli (DK), Cockwhore & Macho (DK), Ida Engehardt (DK), Refugee94 & Sirenx (DK), Danny Denial (DK), Rmpc & Cassie (DK), Frederikke Madsen (DK), Mendoza + STAD$$ (DK)